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14,515,822 kg

So far today, we’ve dumped this much plastic into the ocean.


Plastic builds up and marine life dies out. Soon there will be more plastic in the ocean than fish.

20 minutes

Half of the plastic we use every day is thrown away within minutes.

Food chain

Fish eat plastics broken down into tiny pieces. Then, we eat the fish.


We only recycle a tiny portion of the plastic waste we generate.

We can and must reduce our plastic footprint.
Here’s how.


Find dozens of challenging pledges you can take to reduce your plastic footprint.


Play while learning about the problem and how you contribute to it.


Discover the story of our heroes, join worldwide events and support all kinds of initiatives.

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Meet our Heroes

Professional skippers, DJs, surfers and all kinds of artists are just some of the celebrities cooperating with us.

Dorian van Rijsselberghe
Oliver Heldens
Pierre-Yves Cousteau
Marine consultant and diver
Nanja van den Broek
World record holder, freediving
William Trubridge
World record holder, freediving
Alan Roura
Skipper, La Fabrique
Merijn Tinga
Plastic Soup Surfer

Meet our Artists

Many artists around the globe are strongly committed to raising awareness of this crisis. You will get to see some of their work while playing with the app.

Barry Rosenthal
Found in Nature
Lizette Schaap
Luka Mancini
Milie Zephyra
Paola Villanueva
Plastic Is Killing Me
Richard Lang and Judith Selby Lang
One Plastic Beach
Thirza Schaap
Plastic Ocean
Vilde Rolfsen
Plastic bags landscapes

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